Learn directly with the teacher through the Internet from anywhere

Courses by Videoconference

The Molière Academy offers language classes by videoconference both individually and for groups.

With our Videoconference courses you will be directly  with the teacher ’and you will learn putting into practice all the areas of the language (English, French or Spanish spoken and written, reading and oral comprehension, grammar and vocabulary).

It is no longer an excuse to have to travel to the Academy. You can take the course from your computer, tablet or mobile.

We work with a platform and didactic resources that guarantee that the classes are ideal for learning.

Learn with activities and exercises live with the teacher

You will be able to interact with the teacher and with your groupmates.

The teacher will also propose review exercises by level and a final exam to pass the level.

Once enrolled in the course, the first step is to take a level test.

You will also have different complementary resources to your course, such as among others:

  • Private access to the video of the class carried out if you have not been able to attend or want to review the concepts taught.
  • A grammar guide to support each lesson.
  • Vocabulary practice.
  • Pronunciation videos.